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Whether it’s customer-specific, further processing, or helping take your idea from concept to commercialization, Thrive Foods is your is your freeze-dry partner.

Toll Dry

Our facilities have a variety of driers that can handle your product. From trial runs to full-scale production, wet or dry ingredients, standard or deep vacuum requirements, we can preserve your materials with clear traceability.


Our dry processing, screening and milling areas are contained to create a barrier of protection to promote optimum product quality, ensuring your product arrives in excellent condition.

Product Development

With best-in-class Food Scientists and R&D Teams on staff, we’ve perfected the the art and science behind freeze drying just about anything.  We can help you develop the perfect product from start to finish.

Private Label

Our facilities are equipped to handle a wide range of needs  for all types of industries.  State-of-the-art production and packaging equipment ensure we produce-to-spec and customer expectations.

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